Celiac Disease Complicated with Renal Insufficiency and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
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Haseki Training and Research Hospital, Internal Medicine, Division of Nephrology, İstanbul, Turkey
Haseki Training and Research Hospital, Internal Medicine, İstanbul, Turkey
Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Pathology, İstanbul, Turkey
Publication date: 2010-04-12
Corresponding author
Savas Öztürk   

Haseki Egitim ve Arastirma Hastanesi, Ic Hastaliklari, Nefroloji Servisi Haseki/Fatih/Istanbul/Turkey
Eur J Gen Med 2010;7(2):226-229
Celiac disease (CD) may coexist with another autoimmune disorders. We presented a woman with coeliac disease coexistent with autoimmune hypothyroidism, nephrosclerosis and severe hyperparathyroidism. Forty years-old hypertensive woman, who had diarrhea without tenesmus, blood and mucus for 20 years, was admitted to hospital. Parathyroid hormone level was very high. Creatinine clearance was 44.5 ml/minute, and protein was 596mg/day. Renal biopsy revealed immunofluorescence negative chronic changes mimicking nephrosclerosis. The clinical and biochemical presentation of CD maybe complicated or differed from in renal failure patient. Especially management of serum phosphorus and PTH levels may have great importance.
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