Cyanide ingestion
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Numune Hospital, Department of Emergency, Sivas, Turkey
Numune Hospital, Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation, Intensive Care Unit, Sivas, Turkey
Baskent University Faculty of Medicine, Emergency Department, Bahcelievler, Ankara, Turkey
Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Emergency, Sivas, Turkey
Publication date: 2017-12-12
Eur J Gen Med 2017;14(4):111-113
Cyanide is one of the oldest poisons. It has recently been introduced into industrial use in the gold enrichment process in gold mines. A 36-year-old man engaged in silver polishing business was brought to our emergency department by his colleagues with impaired consciousness and foamy saliva expectoration after accidentally drinking a sip of water mixed cyanide used for silver polishing. His general status was poor, and he was unconscious upon admission. The patient was administered the antidote three hours after his admission and extubated 11 hours after admission. His vital signs gradually returned to normal. On follow-up his urine color turned red; therefore, a second consultation was made with the poison information center, which recommended administering a second dose of antidote. After doing so, the patient gradually recovered, and he was discharged with normal liver enzymes, normal consciousness, and good overall status on 4th day of admission.
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