Editorial Policy

As an initial consideration, all manuscripts submitted for review are expected to follow Manuscript Preparation Guidelines and be free from language errors. Manuscripts that do not reflect an expert use of the English language will not be considered for publication and will not be sent to any of the journal reviewers for evaluation. It is completely the author’s responsibility to comply with the rules and check for any errors. Thus, all necessary actions should be taken by the author(s) before a manuscript is submitted to the Journal.

We highly recommend that non-native speakers of English have manuscripts proofread by a copy editor before submission. During submission, a note from a copy editor may significantly reduce the review time of your manuscript. However, proof of copy editing does not guarantee acceptance of a manuscript for publication in the Electronic Journal of General Medicine.

James Hostetter (jhost[at]fastmail.fm) is suggested as a copy editor for English Language proofreading including grammar, sentence structure, content clarity, formatting, punctuation, and spelling.

Alternatively, authors may also use services from the following companies:
Editage, Enago, or Elsevier Language Services.

Journal publishes only original scholarly works. We do not accept and will not publish manuscripts which are based on an author's previous work. Please do not submit your manuscripts simultaneously or separately to both the Journal and to another journal. In such cases the responsibility solely rests with the author(s).
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