Evaluation of uric acid levels as antioxidant during normal pregnancy and pregnancy with complication (diabetes and hypertension)
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Dep. of Science, College Basic Education, University of Muthanna, Muthanna, Iraq
College of Veterinary Medicine University of Wasit, Wasit, Iraq
College of Science, University of Anbar, Al-Anbar, Iraq
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Branch, College of Pharmacy, University of Missan, Amarah, Maysan, Iraq
Publication date: 2018-08-09
Electron J Gen Med 2018;15(5):em74
The uric acid is a waste product of the living cell, produced by xanthine oxidase, which contributes up to 60% of the total plasma antioxidant activity in healthy subjects. The study provides data relating serum uric acid, glucose levels and blood hypertension. Seventy nine patients with pregnancy diabetes mellitus, 25 normal healthy with pregnancy, 25 DM patients, and fifty normal healthy persons, where seen from February till July 2017, in Al-Semawa General Hospital, were participated in the study. The results revealed a highly significant difference (P<0.001) in uric acid, glucose level and hypertension in almost pregnancy diabetic patients and DM patients when compared to control group. In conclusion, this study found that pregnancy women at the early development stage of glucose disorders had a significantly of hyperuricemia and in clinical practices, measurement of serum uric acid level may help to identify the risk of hypertension.
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