Investigating the effect of atorvastatin drug on HbA1c in patients with myocardial infarction hospitalized in Farshchian Hospital, Hamadan province, Iran, in 2014-2015 (a before-after study)
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Associated professor of cardiology, Farchian Hospital, Hamadan medical university, Hamadan, Iran
Department of Cardiology, School of Medicine, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Hamadan, Iran
Online publication date: 2018-07-15
Publication date: 2019-04-17
Electron J Gen Med 2019;16(2):em111
Use of statins reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, however, in some studies, contradicting results about statins especially atorvastatin with the risk of diabetes have been reported. The purpose of the present study, was to investigate the effect of atorvastatin drug on HbA1c in patients with myocardial infarction hospitalized in Farshchian Hospital, Hamadan. 60 patients hospitalized in CCU, who were diagnosed with one type of infarction were included in this clinical trial performed as a before-after study. Demographic data were collected using a questionnaire. Before the study and 6 months after the start of the study, the parameters of lipid profile, HbA1c and GFR were measured. Atorvastatin with a dose of 80mg was given to the patients from the beginning of the study for 6 months. The results were analyzed using SPSS. The average age of the male and female patients was 63.83 and 61.11, respectively, which had an insignificant difference. 42 patients (70%) were male and the rest of them were female. Lipid profile results at the end of the study showed improved averages for the parameters, all of which were statistically significant compared to their values at the start of the study. The mean HbA1c increased from 6.19 to 6.43 (P=0.001), the mean fasting blood sugar increased from 103.66 to 110.51 (P=0.001), and the average glomerular filtration rate (GFR) decreased from 69.84 from the start of the study to 67.43 which was statistically significant (P=0.002). Systolic and diastolic blood pressure at the end of the study decreased compared to the start of the study where in systolic blood pressure, this decrease was significant (p=0.003). Based on the results of this study, although the use of atorvastatin reduces lipids, it may create the risk of hyperglycemia in these patients. However, a certain conclusion requires further studies.
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