Medical informatics and biophysics in medical universities of European countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis
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National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, UKRAINE
Online publication date: 2024-02-12
Publication date: 2024-03-01
Electron J Gen Med 2024;21(2):em570
This systematic review aims to assess the prominence of medical informatics and biophysics in European medical schools, recognizing the growing importance of technology in healthcare.

A comprehensive search of Medline and PubMed databases was conducted by employing MeSH terms and relevant keywords following PRISMA guidelines.

The review reveals limited body of research on this topic, with 41 relevant studies identified. These studies underscore the value of medical informatics and biophysics in medical education. They emphasize the necessity of certification and reveal variations in curricula and training across European nations.

Scientific novelty:
This study contributes to existing literature by highlighting the scarcity of research on subject.

The findings emphasize the significance of incorporating medical informatics and biophysics into medical education across European nations. Standardization, international guidelines, and accreditation procedures are imperative to ensure the competence of healthcare professionals in utilizing technology and information systems effectively.

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