Cardiac dysfunction in active pulmonary tuberculosis: Mysterious facts of TB’s pandora
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MIMSR Medical College, Latur, INDIA
Venkatesh Chest Hospital and Critical Care Center, Latur, INDIA
NIMS Medical College, Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA
Online publication date: 2023-01-14
Publication date: 2023-03-01
Electron J Gen Med 2023;20(2):em452
Cardiac dysfunction in pulmonary tuberculosis is relatively more common and underestimated due to lack of suspicion. We have studied prevalence of cardiac dysfunction in pulmonary tuberculosis with special emphasis on echocardiography, serum cortisol and its correlation in cases with unstable cardiorespiratory parameters.

Prospective, observational, complete workup, and one year follow up study conducted during January 2016 to December 2020 included 800 cases of active pulmonary tuberculosis with specified inclusion criteria of disproportionate tachycardia, tachypnea with or without hypoxia and shock. Cases with known risk factor for cardiac disease and taking cardiac medicines, and cases with pericardial effusion were excluded from study. All study cases were undergone protocolized analysis such as chest radiograph, pulse oximetry, ECG, sputum examination, cardiac enzymes (CPK-MB, NT-Pro-BNP, and cardiac troponins), serum cortisol, and echocardiography at entry point, at two and six months of treatment with anti-tuberculosis medicines as per NTEP. Statistical analysis was carried out by Chi-square test.

Observations and analysis:
In a study of 800 pulmonary tuberculosis cases, 56.00% (448/800) cases were males, and 44.00% (352/800) cases were females. Cases with BMI<18 was 41.62% (333/800) and BMI>18 was 58.37% (467/800). Radiological patterns as unilateral disease in 33.62% (269/800) & bilateral disease in 66.37% (531/800). Hemoglobin less than 10 gm% were documented in 85.12% (681/800) and above 10 gm% were in 14.87% (119/800) cases. Serum albumin less than 3.5 gm% and more than 3.5 gm% were observed in 48.12% (385/800) and 51.12% (415/800) cases respectively. Hypoxia was documented 26.12% (209/800) cases and normal oxygen saturation in 73.87% (591/800) cases. cases with normal and abnormal serum cortisol were 61.37% (491/800) & 38.62% (309/800) respectively. Sputum examination for AFB observed in 30.00% (240/800) and gene Xpert MTB/RIF documented in 51.37% (411/800) cases respectively. Bronchoscopy guided techniques were used in 149 cases and BAL smear AFB in 44.96% (67/149) cases, gene Xpert MTB/RIF in 97.31% (145/149) cases and MGIT culture in four cases (positive in 100% cases subjected to MGIT culture). We have observed global hypokinesia is predominant cardiac dysfunction documented in 82.21% (171/208) cases, followed by left heart systolic dysfunction in 16.34% (34/208) cases and left heart diastolic dysfunction in 75% (156/208) cases. Right heart dysfunction as dilated right atrium and right ventricle documented in 52.88% (110/208) cases and pulmonary hypertension in 40.38% (84/208) cases. Covariates such as age, gender, hemoglobin, BMI, serum cortisol, serum albumin, oxygen saturation and radiological involvement has significant association with cardiac dysfunction. (p<0.00001) Response to treatment with antituberculosis medicines and steroids has documented as improved in 77.40% cases (161/208) cases, persistent in 13.46% (28/2028) cases and progressive in 9.13% (19/208) cases. Final outcome of cardiac dysfunction in Pulmonary tuberculosis cases has significant association with serum cortisol level (p<0.00086).

Cardiac dysfunction is active pulmonary tuberculosis needs prompt workup in presence of disproportionate tachypnea, tachycardia with or without hypoxia and shock. Echocardiography is basic tool to evaluate these cases and global hypokinesis is most common abnormality. Serum cortisol abnormality documented in fair number of cases and very well correlated with left ventricular dysfunction abnormalities. Steroids with antituberculosis treatment backup is mainstay protocol during management of these cases. Cardiac dysfunction is reversible in majority of cases and proportionate number shown complete improvement in cardiac dysfunction.

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