Does lack of job satisfaction intensify psychological distress among clinicians, and vice versa?
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Health Care Administrator, National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
School of Public Health, Torbat Heydariyeh University of Medical Sciences, Torbat Heydariyeh, Iran
Trainee General Medicine, National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Trainee Emergency Medicine, Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan
National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Publication date: 2018-10-07
Electron J Gen Med 2018;15(5):em82
To analyze prevalence of job dissatisfaction and psychological distress among doctors with exposure of significant socio-demographic aggravators.

Material and Methods:
This descriptive KAP-survey was conducted under the auspices of Pak Emirates Hospital Rawalpindi from Sep 2017-Apr 2018. Information was collected on a self-designed questionnaire, standardized General Health Questionnaire-12 (GHQ-12) and Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS). Data analyzed via SPSS-21 and p-value (p<0.05 considered significant).

Distress and job satisfaction scores were 12.31±6.33(0-30) and 127.28±29.432(36-201) respectively; with a significant positive correlation of job satisfaction with age (0.288 & <0.001), negative correlation of distress with age (-0.177 & 0.008) and job satisfaction (-0.355 & <0.001). Distress was harbored by 20(74.1%), 40(55.6%) and 12(16.7%) of dissatisfied, indecisive or satisfied participants respectively. Age, marital status, total offspring, job description, working schedules, salaries and work experience significantly affected outcome variables; gender and qualification remained inert. Respondents satisfied with job were less distressed than ambivalent (cOR 0.120; 95% CI, 0.047-0.304) or dissatisfied (cOR 0.168; 95% CI, 0.056-0.506).

Perpetual relation between job dissatisfaction and psychological distress was confirmed. All echelons of health care providers must be intermittently screened and managed for psychosomatic perils; every aggravator must also be quarried and catered-for.

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