Post Prandial Hyperinsulnemic Hypoglycemia Thirteen Years after Gastric Bypass Surgery
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Department of Internal Medicine, Royal Commission Hospital, SAUDI ARABIA
Department of Internal Medicine, Qatif Central Hospital, SAUDI ARABIA
Online publication date: 2020-02-15
Publication date: 2020-02-15
Electron J Gen Med 2020;17(2):em189
As bariatric surgery for the treatment of obesity become popular, it is important to recognize its acute and chronic complicatons. Here, we report a case of a 39-year-old lady who presented to endocrine clinic with six months history of sever postprandial hypoglycemia thirteen years after Roux-en-Y-gastric bypass surgery. After confirmation of whipple’s triad, she underwent provocative meal test which revealed hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia. She responded well to medical nutrition therapy and Acarbose. Since most of the reported cases of post bariatric hypoglycemia presented 1-5 years after their surgery, we report this rare case who presented 13 years after her surgery.
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