Sarcoidosis and autoimmune hemolytic anemia: is there a pathogenic link?
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Medical School of Sfax, Tunisia
Online publication date: 2019-12-05
Publication date: 2019-12-05
Electron J Gen Med 2020;17(1):em169
The association between sarcoidosis and AIHA is extremely rare. Herein, we report a novel case of this association in which will focus on the pathogenesis and the prognosis. Mr. A. F., a 43 year old patient was presented to internal medicine department in November 2007 with bilateral inguinal adenopathies. The diagnosis of sarcoidois was made on the basis of identification of granulomas in salivary biopsy with the negativity of other etiological investigations. He was treated with steroids with favorable outcome. Seven years later, he was presented with deep autoimmune hemolytic anemia which was not related to sarcoidoisis. He was again put on steroids with favorable evolution.
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