Fetoinfantile losses in the north-west region of Russia
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Doctor of Medical Sciences (Advanced Doctor), Rector of St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Chief Neonatologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Russia
Head of the Department of Public Health and Health Care, St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Russia
Postgraduate at the Department of Public Health and Health Care, St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Russia
Associate Professor at the Department of Public Health and Health Care, St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Russia
Online publication date: 2018-12-28
Publication date: 2019-04-22
Electron J Gen Med 2019;16(2):em135
In order to assess fetoinfantile losses in the North-West of Russia, the official and operational data of the Federal State Statistics Service and the Central Research Institute of Health Organization and Informatization of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for 2010-2016 were studied. It is established that the indicator of fetoinfantile losses in the North-West region is much lower than fetoinfantile losses in the whole Russia. The evaluation of the dynamic coefficient of fetoinfantile losses showed a decrease for the years 2012-2016, as in Russia in general and in the North-West region. The structure of fetoinfantile losses in 2016 in the Russian Federation was significantly dominated by the share of infant mortality, and in the North-West Federal district – stillbirth. In the structure of fetoinfantile losses attributable to the period of infant mortality, the largest share accounted for mortality in the early neonatal period. Reduction of fetoinfantile losses due to infant mortality has been achieved mainly due to early neonatal mortality. Level of fetoinfantile losses attributable to the period of early neonatal deaths had a direct correlation with mortality level of children with a body weight of 1000 grams or more in the departments of pathology of newborns. The frequency of deaths in children weighing 1000 grams or more in the neonatal pathology departments of the North-West Federal district is significantly higher than in the whole Russia. The survival rate of children with extremely low birth weight from the total number of children born with a body weight of 500-999 grams in the North-Western region exceeded the figure for the whole Russia by 48.32%.
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