Nurses’ knowledge regarding children antibiotic use and resistance in Jordan: A cross-sectional study
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Nursing Faculty, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Ar-Ramtha, JORDAN
Department of Community and Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, The Hashemite University, Zarqa, JORDAN
Applied Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Zarqa University, Zarqa, JORDAN
Online publication date: 2022-11-26
Publication date: 2023-01-01
Electron J Gen Med 2023;20(1):em434
This study aimed at examining nurses’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to antibiotics use and resistance. A second objective was to identify Jordanian nurses’ sources of information about antibiotics.

A cross-sectional design was used for this study. Nurses (n=594) completed an online survey using Google Forms. Google Forms web link was distributed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media applications. The study included Jordanian nurses who worked in hospitals and healthcare institutions. the European Center for Diseases Control and Prevention survey was used that took about 15 minutes to complete.

According to the study, 48.2% of nurses prescribed antibiotics to patients daily or multiple times per day in the previous week; 13.3% of nurses offered support for daily or more frequent antibacterial drug use or infection control; and 42.3% of nurses mentioned they did not give antibiotics advice because they did not have a leaflet about their use and because the patients did not receive one.

The study found that the most reported source for antibiotics information was Facebook and Instagram. Nurses need further education on proper use of antibiotics. Antimicrobial stewardship can benefit from the study findings, which can help develop interventions to improve antibiotics proper use.

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