Comparison of the anxiety and satisfaction level of the patients under fracture plating treatment type c1 and c2 of distal femur in the two groups of combination drugs (gabapentin, celecoxib, and acetaminophen) and placebo
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Orthopedic Research Center, Department of Orthopedi, Poursina Hostapital, School of Medicine, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran
Submission date: 2018-02-01
Final revision date: 2018-02-21
Acceptance date: 2018-02-23
Online publication date: 2018-04-05
Publication date: 2018-04-05
Electron J Gen Med 2018;15(4):em45
Prevention through pain killer drugs can be very useful compared to the treatment of the pain.

Therefore, this study sought to investigate the effect of the three compound prodrugs (celecoxib, acetaminophen, and gabapentin) on the post-operation anxiety and satisfaction level of the patients under distal femur fracture plating treatment.

This study is a clinical trial conducted on 100 patients in which two groups are compared respecting the levels of anxiety, satisfaction, time, morphine doses, and side effects. One hour before surgery, the case patients were given three drugs celecoxib, acetaminophen, and gabapentin with doses of 200, 500, and 400 mg, respectively. The control group patients were given the same placebos. 15 minutes before the operation, the patients were gone under spinal anesthesia through injecting epinephrine 0.2 mg and 5%-lidocaine 100 mg. After entering the ward at 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, and 00:00 O’clock following the operation, the tranquilizer intake and the first time for requesting analgesia was recorded after the elimination of spinal anesthesia.

There was a significant difference between the two groups respecting the comparison of the time of consuming the first morphine and its dose, anxiety level, and satisfaction. Other comparisons were not significant.

The compound of celecoxib, acetaminophen, and gabapentin is an appropriate one so as to reduce orthopedic surgery post-operation pain. The results of this study can confirm the effect of non-drug palliative drugs on the reduction of the anxiety level and satisfaction increase.

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