The evaluation of asthma and COPD patients in emotional status: A cross-sectional study.
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Sakarya University, Sakarya / Turkey
Derince Education and Reseach Hospital Department of Pulmonology, Kocaeli/Turkey
Publication date: 2016-08-06
Corresponding author
Yusuf Aydemir   

Sakarya University, Training and Research Hospital, 54100 Sakarya / Turkey
Eur J Gen Med 2016;13(3):12-15
Psychiatric comorbidities are prevalent in patients with chronic respiratory diseases. But, there is no clear evidence comparing asthma and COPD. The aim of the present study was to investigate and compare the emotional status of patients with asthma and COPD

Material and Methods:
The study included 132 consecutive patients who were diagnosed with asthma (n=78) and COPD (n=54) who did not receive therapy for pshiciatric disorders. Emotional status were evaluated using the Beck and Hamilton surveys.

There was signifcant difference between patients asthma an COPD in terms of anxiety and depression level. The patients with COPD achieved signifcantly worse scores in emotional status. Anxiety and depression was signifcantly greater in patients with uncontrolled asthma. But, there was no signifcant correlation between GOLD stages and spirometric values and emotional disorders in COPD patients.

It was concluded that anxiety and depression are prevalent in patients with COPD and particularly uncontrolled asthma, and patients with such chronic diseases; psychosocial support may be helpful, alongside the treatment of existing disease.

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