Analyzing research trends and patterns on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: A bibliometric study from 2021 to 2022
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College of Medicine and Health Sciences, An-Najah National University, Nablus, PALESTINE
Online publication date: 2023-04-12
Publication date: 2023-07-01
Electron J Gen Med 2023;20(4):em500
To analyze worldwide research trends and patterns on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy (VH) for the study period from January 2021 to December 2022.

Materials and Methods:
Current descriptive bibliometric study used SciVerse Scopus to retrieve relevant articles.

The search strategy found 2,886 articles. Scholars from the United States participated in one-third of the retrieved articles. International research collaboration in the field was relatively strong. The retrieved articles focused on healthcare workers, epidemiologic studies, and misinformation. In addition to “Vaccine” and “Vaccines” journals, Lancet and BMJ journals had a leading role in the emergence of the topic. Leading global universities such as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and University College London were most prolific in publishing articles on the topic.

All countries and regions need information on VH to increase public awareness and counteract antivaccination movements.

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