Depression among Jordanian women during pregnancy in COVID-19: Role of social support
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Department of Maternal and Child Health, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, JORDAN
Department of Community and Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, The Hashemite University, Zarqa, JORDAN
Faculty of Nursing, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, JORDAN
Faculty of Nursing, Applied Science Private University, Amman, JORDAN
Zarqa Private University, Zarqa, JORDAN
Department of Population Health Nursing Science, College of Nursing, University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Online publication date: 2023-03-17
Publication date: 2023-07-01
Electron J Gen Med 2023;20(4):em487
To describe the level of depression and social support experienced by pregnant Jordanian women and assess the role of support and other factors on depression level among a sample of Jordanian women during pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The study invitation and link to an online survey were shared during November 2021 via social media and through word of mouth. A convenience sample of 434 pregnant women completed the study questionnaire, which included questions on their COVID-19 status, demographics, depression, and social. Depression was assessed using the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depressive Scale (CES-D).

The prevalence of depression among women during pregnancy was 28.3%. The mean of depression score among women during pregnancy was 24.3±4.4. The prevalence of social support among women during pregnancy were (63%). The mean social support score among the participants was 39.3±9.1. Factors associated with a higher depression score included not get influenza vaccination, not having insurance, described life as poor, having pressure, and not having social support.

This is a national study among women during pregnancy in Jordan. The study found that people who took influenza vaccination, having insurance, described life as poor, and having pressure, they experience more depression than other people. Moreover, our study found as social support increased, the depression decreased.

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